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Salad "Olivier" (Russia)

This salad is a traditional Russian recipe which is always served on New Years Eve. I remember that, when I took Russian lessons, this salad was mentioned very often in our books! I got curious and found a Russian recipe. Two Russian friends said it was good, so you can go ahead!

Ingredients (for 4 people)
400 g tinned peas
300 g chicken meat
150 g onions
100 g malassol gherkins (Russian and sweet)
350 g potatoes
4 eggs
Mayonnaise (homemade recipe)

Cook the eggs (hard-boiled). Boil the potatoes during 30 min. Boil the chicken during 15 min*, add some mixed herbs to perfume it.
Peel the eggs and the potatoes cut everything in small dices. Put in a salad bowl, add some mayonnaise and stir. If necessary, add some salt and pepper.

*ATTENTION: 15 min goes for chicken. If you choose another meat, the time will be different (for example, 40 min minimum for veal).

Every Russian family has its own recipe as it is often true for traditional recipes. You can add, for example, carrots or apple.

I recommend you serve this salad with blini:

Bon appétit!!

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