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New category: I tasted it for you. The idea is to pick up random products that are unknow to me, to taste them, cook them, describe them and give my opinion on them.

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Pastitstio (Greek pasta gratin with minced meat and macaroni)

Pastitsio is a typical dish from Greece, a bit like lasagne, but with macaroni. It looked nice, so I tried it. I really liked it!

Ingredients (for 5 people)
200 g macaroni
For the sauce:
1 onion
300 g beef minced meat
200 ml tomato sauce
1/4 teaspoon cinnamon (in powder)
35-40 cl stock
60 g grated cheese
2 eggs
For the bechamel sauce
3 soup spoons butter
3 soup spoons flour
1/2 litre milk
1 pinch of nutmeg
Oil, salt and pepper

Cook the pasta and drain them under cold water.
Chop the onions and brown them in a sauté pan with some oil. Add the minced meat, cook, add the tomato sauce, salt and pepper the cinnamon and the stock.
Cook for 15 min with low heat, then stop.
Pre-heat the oven at 200° and butter a gratin dish.
Prepare the Bechamel sauce: melt the butter in a saucepan. Add some flour little by little until the mixture forms a ball by itself. Add some milk, stir well until you obtain a quite liquid mixture. Add salt, pepper and nutmeg, let thicken for a while, while stirring, then stop heating and let rest for 5 min. If the mixture has thickened too much, add some more milk.
Put half the pasta in the dish. Sprinkle with half the grated cheese. Beat an egg, add it to the meat. Pour the meat over the pasta. Cover with the rest of pasta. Add the other egg and the rest of the cheese to the Bechamel sauce, cover the dish with this mixture.
Bake for about 30-35 min.

It could be nice to add some mushroom to the meat mixture. Serve with a green salad or a tomato-bell pepper salad.

Bon appétit !!

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