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Onigiri (rice balls stuffed with tunia) - Japan


Here was a challenge: do another Japanese recipe (after the makis that I did quite well). Onigiri are stuffed rice balls. In this case, I stuffed them with tuna.

I had difficulties with the shape: they are supposed to be triangle, but round is nice too, isn’t it? As for the taste, it was really good. I’m not a huge fan of nori algae, so I didn’t put a lot, just to decorate.

It’s easier to eat if you make small balls (you are not supposed to eat them with a fork, as I remembered later, but with your fingers).

It’s important that you cook the rice well: it must be sticky. But you don’t need specific tools to cook it right, don’t worry. A sauce pan is enough.

Ingredients (for about 12 pieces, count 3-4 pieces per person)
500 g round rice
Rice vinegar
1 tuna tin
1 shallot
1 nori algae leaf
Mayonnaise (homemade recipe)

Cook the rice: boil the same quantity of water and rice, add 2 soup spoons rice vinegar and salt. You have to control the cooking process: if there isn’t enough water, it will burn in the sauce pan (and the rice won’t be cooked), and if there is too much the rice won’t be sticky. So if necessary add water during the process, but don’t put too much from the beginning. Once the rice is ready, throw the water, DO NOT rinse. Let cool down (otherwise you will burn your hands when preparing the onigiri)
Prepare the stuffing: bring together the tuna, a chopped shallot and some mayonnaise.
To prepare the onigiri: moisten your hands, put some rice in one hand, cover with a teaspoon tuna and cover with more rice. With your second hand, make a compact ball, a triangle if you can, and put it in a plate.
Wash and moisten your hands between each onigiri, because the rice is sticky and you will have a very hard time.
Once your onigiri are ready, cut some shapes in the algae, moisten so that it sticks and decorate.

Bon appétit !!

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