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First let me tell you that, as it is the translation of a French blog, I use the metric system for my measurements and all the temperatures are given in Celsius !

New category: I tasted it for you. The idea is to pick up random products that are unknow to me, to taste them, cook them, describe them and give my opinion on them.

Enjoy !


Eggs stuffed with breadcrumbs and Swiss cheese

Here is a nice starter, let’s see if you will be gentle enough to succeed!

Ingredients (for 4 people)
4 eggs
100 g grated Swiss cheese
3 soup spoons breadcrumbs (blend 3 French toasts)
4 soup spoons milk
1 soup spoon parsley
1 soup spoon chive

Cook the eggs for 10 min, and then cool them down in cold water. Cut them in 2 WITHOUT peeling them. Empty them gently with a teaspoon. Put the eggs in a salad bowl and keep the shell. Crush the eggs with 75 g Swiss cheese, 2 soup spoons breadcrumbs, parsley, chive and the milk. Add salt and pepper.
Stuff the shells, place them in a gratin dish, sprinkle with breadcrumbs and some butter on the top. If you want to keep them straight, use aluminium foil.
Bake for about 10 min at 200° in the oven.

You can serve the exceeding stuffing with some mayonnaise of vinaigrette.

Bon appétit!!!

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