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First let me tell you that, as it is the translation of a French blog, I use the metric system for my measurements and all the temperatures are given in Celsius !

New category: I tasted it for you. The idea is to pick up random products that are unknow to me, to taste them, cook them, describe them and give my opinion on them.

Enjoy !


Blini with candied lemon, whipped cream and smoked salmon


Here is a nice starter, with quite elegant ingredients but very easy to make. Here is the blini recipe.

Ingredients (for 4 people)
Blini (1 or 2 per person)
4 slices smoked salmon
Candied lemon
40 g heavy cream
Toothpicks (optional)

Prepare the blini.
Whip the cream (which must be very cold).
Place the blin in a plate, cover with 1 or ½ slice smoked salmon, some cream, candied salmon and pepper. Fold and hold with a toothpick.
Serve immediately, with a green salad (optional).

Something funny: I’m making blini with salmon and I make a blin with the shape of a fish!

Bon appétit!!!

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