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Provencal moelleux with olives and tapenade

We already talked about moelleux, remember? Well, there are also salted recipes, as you can see. This recipe has a Provencal hint, that is, from the south of France, because of the use of the tapenade, a sort of olive puree. It will be great as an appetizer, a first course, or even to take away for a picnic!

A small anecdote: since when I accidently bit into an olive assuming it was a gherkin, I’d decided I hated these. 15 years later, I think it is time to reconcile myself with olives!

The recipe is simple, but there are several steps to follow. It is also not a last minute dish! If you can't find tapenade in your store, don't panic and do it yourself, click on the link, it's easy!

Ingredients (for 8 moelleux)
1 tomato
125g green tapenade
10 green olives (without the stones)
10 black olives (without the stones) (I put 20 green)
3 eggs
10cl milk
20g butter for the mould.
½ sachet of dried yeast
180g flour
10cl olive oil
1 teaspoon Provencal mixed herbs (parsley, thyme, oregano and bay)

Put the tapenade into 8 holes of an ice cube tray. Put it 2 hours in the freezer.
Cut the tomato in dices and remove the seeds. Cut all the olives into small slices. Beat the eggs with the olive oil. In a large bowl, mix the flour and the dried yeast. Add the beaten eggs without making lumps, and then add the milk. Put salt and pepper. Add the tomato, the olives and the Provencal herbs. Put 1 hour in the fridge so that the olives perfume the mixture.
Preheat the oven at 190°. Butter 8 muffin moulds, pour the half of the mixture, and add a tapenade ice cube in every mould. Pour the rest of the mixture but don’t fill more than the ¾ of the mould!
Bake 25 min. Wait for it to cool down a little before you unmold. Serve lukewarm or cold.

The tapenade ice cube is a really good trick: that way, the tapenade won’t bake as quickly as the rest of the mixture, and there will be a melting heart inside your moelleux! For a sweet moelleux, you can do the same with marmalade.

 Bon appétit!!!

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