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Pie crust / shortcrust

Today, let’s learn how to prepare a pie crust or short crust, something that will be very useful for many recipes. Actually, I think that I have never bought one in my life, because the recipe my father taught me is so much better. The first trial might seem a bit complicated, but once you have the practice, it is really easy to do:


90g butter
200g flour (always have a little more spare flour, you will probably need it later)
7g salt
Lukewarm water

Put flour on your hands. In a large bowl, bring together the flour and the salt. Cut the butter in small pieces and add it. Mix everything with the fingers. Then, add a little water (really not much, like 5cl!!). Rapidly knead with one hand and turn the bowl with the other hand (so than the flour that stays on the sides falls into the mixture). This time, proceed with the palm of the hand, until you obtain a ball like this:

If necessary, add whether flour if there is too much water, or water if it is not sticky enough. You have to obtain a ball that no longer sticks to the hands.
Then, it is important to let it rest at least 30 min under a cloth.

Don’t skip this step, I did it once and it didn’t turn out very well, I had a hard time spreading it, and the result was not very beautiful. You can prepare the pie crust several hours in advance without problem, and spread it when you need it. In this case, let it in the fridge and take it out 10 min before you use it.


What is that? This is a term from the Bourbonnais region, where my father’s family comes from. Anyway, you will see that you generally have too much pie crust because the recipe is not extremely precise! What to do with what’s left? Never throw it away!!! Make a small ball with it, then flatten it and bake it with your pie. This crust is so good you can eat it with nothing else. And we call that a Tourton. You can also put a chocolate bite inside, if you want. Use your imagination!

Bon appétit!!!

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