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Borsch (Russian vegetables soup)

My challenge for the day was to realise the famous Russian dish, and I had never done than before. So please don’t get mad if it doesn’t look like it is supposed to be! Just give me a couple of advice! A Moldavian friend gave me the recipe.

Ingredient (for 6 people)
500g calf meat (in dices)
2-2,5 litres water
1 beetroot (if it is fresh, you have to boil it before. I used small vacuum-packaged ones)
2 small carrots
2 medium-sized onions
1 soup spoon tomato concentrate
200g cabbage
1 laurel leaf
3 small potatoes
Fennel and dill (dried)
Crème fraîche

In a saucepan, gently boil the meat with salt, the laurel, a carrot cut in slices and the half of the chopped onion. Scoop away the froth. Peel the potatoes and cut them in dices. Add them.
Meanwhile, in a larger saucepan, add sunflower oil, the rest of the chopped onion, the second sliced carrot, brown a little. Grate the beetroot and add it, mix, add the tomato concentrate and some of the stock of the first saucepan. Mix well and cook for 5 min.
When the meat is boiled, add the cabbage cut in strips in the second saucepan. Add salt and the content of the first saucepan, cook for 5-10 min. add salt if it is necessary. If you think the soup is too sweet, add some vinegar. Add dill and fennel. Make sure everything is well boiled and stop the heat. Once ready, the dish can wait. When you serve it, add some crème fraîche.

The borsch is a soup! The vegetables have to be totally recovered by water. Also cut the vegetables in small pieces (and in smaller pieces than what is on my pictures).

Bon appétit!!!

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