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How to mix properly butter and chocolate

This is the secret recipe for success, a trick that I learnt from my father and that goes for every chocolate cake. Once you know it, you will spare a lot of time. And it will never fail you. So be attentive!

1)  Make water boil in a kettle. Break the chocolate into bites in a bowl and pour the boiling water. Let it rest for about 5 min. Ok, I know, people often think that it is weird. But it really works very well, and the water doesn’t mix with the chocolate. (Like for the oil, you know, they always do layers).
2) Put the butter in another bowl and put it in the microwave for like 30 seconds. It is better if it isn’t’ totally liquid but rather creamy.
3) When the chocolate is ready, threw carefully the water away and add the butter immediately. Stir with a teaspoon until you have a creamy and homogeny chocolate.
Then you can add this to your recipe. It is far quicker than other techniques like the double boiler. Try it next time!

Note: the chocolate won’t harden again if you put fat (butter or oil). That’s why you mustn’t wait when you pour the butter.

CAUTION: this method only works with dark chocolate. With white chocolate, which is too fatty, the chocolate will mix with the water, and it doesn't work. Better to use a double boiler
Bon appétit!!

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